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Boats called TES are designed and built nearly 30 years.

About Us

Initially it was just the projects, then the time came to build a single unit until the company has gradually come into production, and since the late 80's, yachts are just so produced - PRESENT YACHTS ARE OFFERED:

TES 678 BT, 720 BT TES, futuristic MASTER TES, TES 32 Dreamer and the newest model of TES 1928 Magna.

In preparation are the successor models of TES-s.

Business owner and designer in one person - David SiwiK - makes sure that his boats always stand out design, usability and performance values, because the goal is not only fast sailing, but also in the body, which enjoys the look and comfort us.


st. Acacia 21
05-079 Okunev
tel / fax 22 783 73 77
tel (+48) 602 346 392

tel / fax: (+48 22) 783 73 77

The company manufactures:

MASTER TES, TES 678 BT-TES 720, TES 1928 Magna, TES 1932 DREAMER

Descriptions of yachts produced by the shipyard:


Tes 32 Dreamer

Tes 550 Master

Tes 660 RT

TES 678 BT

TES 720 BT


  1. SOLANO Preview wrote (a):

    I'm the owner of the TES 660 RT built in the shipyard in 1998 r.Jacht still performs superbly, without any zastrzeżeń.Gorąco recommend shipyard TES-YACHT.

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