Yacht Shipyard Karol Wierzbicki

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Experience in boatbuilding gaining more than twenty years.

About Us

During this time, we made countless repairs, minor and general. In addition to repairs, we also high quality products made of laminate. We have completed several forms, among others, and built dozens of boats and yachts. We can also boast wybudowami shells mainly sailing yachts. We are proud that our products and services are of high quality. For several years we also design yachts and boats.
Recently joined our unit designed to fly with low-speed. This is a family steel motor yacht the length of the 10 meters, which is ideal for swimming channels in Europe.


Updated data on the site
Os White Eagle 12a/36
62-200 Gniezno

The company produces:

MP 750, Flabria 40, 1945 Flabria

Descriptions of yachts produced by the yard:

Opinions about the yacht Flabria 40 Flabria 40

Opinions about the yacht Flabria 45 Flabria 45

Descriptions of yachts / boats manufactured by the yard:

MP 750

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