'Sport Yacht Andrew Tiuryn and Company "Sp. J.

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We produce polyester resins and fiberglass, the order also epoksydowanych resin on the fibers of carbon and aramid. Our rich offer is for lovers of water sports and leisure activities.

About Us

Our boats gained recognition on western markets: Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Croatia. On the well-known product line includes:
- Boats
- Motor boats wiosłowo
- Cabin Boats
On customer request we made to order.


Kuria 75
15-513 Kuria

Tel: +48 85 8799079
fax. +48 85 7324242
mob. +48 506049092

The company produces:

Style 410, Open 540, Cruiser 525, Malibu 360, 465 Cabin, Style 410 lux,
Pilot House 535, Malibu 360 Lux

Descriptions of yachts / boats manufactured by the shipyard:

465 Cabin Sport Yacht

Cruiser 525 Sport Yacht

Malibu 360 Sport Yacht

Malibu Sport Yacht 360 Lux

Open 540 Sport Yacht

Sport Yacht 535 Pilot House

Sport Yacht Style 410 lux

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