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Ostroda Yacht is the oldest and also one of the largest yacht shipyards in Poland. For more than 40 years Ostroda Yacht continuously produces yachts and boats. In 2002 it became part of one of the largest producers of yachts and boats in Europe-Chantiers Jeanneau SA Company

About Us

The basic principle of the company's development philosophy is to use modern technologies to be approved by Germanischer Lloyd and the Polish Register of Shipping and the maximum satisfaction of customer requirements.
In 1998, recognizing the high quality of the qualitative manegementu Ostroda Yacht is certified in accordance with international standard ISO9001. "Ostróda Yacht" is guided by the principles of sustainable development, both in terms of social, local and environmental protection.
Of business, the Company, in particular, respect the principles of environmental protection, taking into account the unique environmental value of the region.
The company aims to reduce material consumption and energy efficiency of the production process, including through implementation of environmentally sound technologies. To this end, the choice of suppliers and subcontractors Ostroda Yacht environmental criteria into account, thereby promoting environmentally-friendly approach and the implementation of the principles of sustainable development. Ostroda Yacht on offer includes a full range of boats and yachts manufactured at the shipyard in Osterode and in the shipyards in France.


ul. Quiet 1
14-100 Ostróda

Tel: +48 89 646 0700
fax. +48 89 646 1431

The company produces:

Camarat CAP 515, CAP Camarat 545, 545 WA Cap Camarat, Camarat CAP 635, CAP Camarat 715 OPEN 715 WA Cap Camarat, LEADER 545, MERRY FISHER 585 CRUISING, MARLIN MERRY FISHER 585, MERRY FISHER 625, MERRY FISHER 655 CRUISING, MERRY FISHER 655 MARLIN, MERRY FISHER 725, 755 Runabout,

Descriptions of yachts / boats manufactured by the yard:

Jeanneau Cap 635 Camarat

Jeanneau 715 WA Cap Camarat

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 585 Marlin

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 655 Marlin

Jeanneau Runabout 755

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