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The shipyard specializes in building sailing yachts from polyester-glass laminates, which uses modern materials and equipment well known and reputable companies.

About the company

We are the shipyard, which based on years of observations, comments and expectations created an innovative sailing yacht design. This unit combines the expectations of customers who prefer a quick swim and wygodę.Projekt Our comfort and utilizes the latest trends and design solutions in the field. It is they who ensure quality and reliability of our products as well as aesthetics, modernity and security. We hope that our offer will enrich your knowledge with the possible selection of his yacht.
Wiaderno 224
97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki

The company produces:

Trimiga 26 GT

Descriptions of sailing yachts produced by the shipyard:

Reviews yacht Trimiga 26 GT Trimiga 26 GT

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